Dear Mom Guilt


Mom with young daughter

Dear Mom Guilt-

You can no longer have me.

You and your tentacles of shame, doubt, fear, negativity, judgment and loathing have been wrapped around me for the last time.

I am stepping out of your grasp.

I have been ridiculous to have stayed this long.

What do you add to my life? Nothing.

What do you subtract from my life? Everything good.

You have poisoned my mind and leeched my soul. You have blinded me from grace and swatted away forgiveness before I could embrace it.

You paint with pain, not joy. You have made what is blue turn black and what is golden turn lifeless gray.

I am done with you. Continue reading

8 reasons Christians should stop bashing public schools

public school building

From the time our girls were babies, they had gone to the same small Christian school, starting in the daycare and entering the elementary grades.

We loved the staff, curriculum and families. But we knew our time there was limited.

Many factors came into play in our decision to leave, primarily affordability. We had other, more philosophical reasons as well.

Leaving was bittersweet, but we believe firmly we made the right choice.

I’m not interested in trying to convince anyone that public school is the way to go over the other options we Americans have. In some family situations, public school just simply isn’t the wisest choice.

What I am interested in doing is pointing to the lovely I see in the public school option — something that is often overlooked in Christian circles.

Specifically, I am interested in pointing out 8 reasons Christians should stop bashing public schools.

1 – Public school is not our enemy. The Enemy is our enemy. And he shows up in more places than we can escape. I’ve seen him alive and well inside church walls just as readily as I have seen him prowling the halls of a school. Continue reading

But I emptied the dishwasher instead


The little light was on, indicating the dishwasher was done. I stopped what I was doing and looked at it for a moment. Should I unload the clean dishes? 

Normally it would not have been a question in my mind, but two days before, my husband made a sarcastic comment that clearly indicated he thought I didn’t empty the dishwasher often enough, instead leaving it for him to do.

Oh, did it bubble my coke!

I knew he had made the comment after long, tiring hours at work, and he is fantastic about helping with household responsibilities, but I was miffed. 

As I stood in the kitchen and stared at the little light, I remembered how irritated I was by his comment.

I remembered how I spent a significant chunk of time formulating a snide retort in my mind. It included a detailed list of the multitude of responsibilities I carry – for the household, for our girls, for my job, for my writing, for others – many of which he probably never sees me do. It was an emotional, piercing response viral Facebook posts are made of. Continue reading