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End of the season for Find the Lovely {Closing the door}

At the end of my Feb. 2 post, in which I shared what I had learned in this three-year experience in finding the lovely, I mentioned that this blog has been a defining season of my life.

“Season” was an intentional word choice. Because it implies an end. And, that, friends, is where we have arrived.

THE END of this defining season.

Just as three years ago God stirred in me a desire to BEGIN Find the Lovely, in the last few months he has stirred in me the desire to MOVE AWAY FROM Find the Lovely.

It’s hard when you get inklings like this. On the one hand, you are intrigued by what is ahead and may even daydream about it. But on the other, you feel almost guilty, like you’re abandoning the thing God told you to pick up in the first place. Would he really ask us to do such a thing? Continue reading

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Why we need Chip Gaines’ perspective on love now more than ever {excerpt}

This week, ahead of Valentine’s Day, the day we celebrate LOVE, I penned this piece for Her View From Home on why Chip Gaines nailed it on what genuine love is. It’s not what we’re seeing on Facebook as of recent.


I love Chip Gaines’ collected, above-the-fray response to BuzzFeed bringing up a “scandal” involving his pastor’s view on homosexuality.

I love it that Chip gently but strongly declined to get caught up in looking for division lines instead of commonality. Continue reading

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Unexpected lessons from finding the lovely


Three years ago I challenged myself to not only pull out the weeds of negativity from my life at the clinging, ugly roots – but to BLOG about it. Because I am nothing if not self-accountable.

Most of the time. For all you know.

This seemed like a fab-tastic challenge because, after all, I was a writer who liked to complain.

You know another writer who had his fair share of negativity? The Apostle Paul, the one who used to go around knocking off all the Christians. He was a bit of a downer too.

He was also a heckuva writer.

After his conversion to Christianity, he penned many a poignant statement that are still taught today. One of those happens to be in a letter to a church in Philippi that was lost in its own battle of negativity.

He told them to turn their minds to what is pure, right, holy, just and lovely (Phil. 4:8). Because he knew, on a very personal level, things would radically change for these ungrateful complainers if they did.

His was the challenge I took.

And this is what I’ve discovered from finding and capturing the lovely.   Continue reading